Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ang Matalinong Tao

Maraming nagsasabi na ang matalinong tao ay nagiging bobo kapag umiibig. A person who is in love makes seemingly senseless decisions, says words that he normally wouldn't say, or does things that he really wouldn't do had he been his "normal" self. Humans have claimed the right to distinguish what is normal from not (in a typical and NON-ABUSIVE relationship), and being abnormal when it comes to matters of the heart is what's normal. Kung ganoon, ang matalinong tao ay hindi bobo sa pag-ibig. He is smart enough to allow himself to fully feel the grace of God through human love because he knows that everything in this world is fleeting, but the memories will stay forever. At every chance he gets, he gives all of him in creating those memories with the object of his affection, and will continue to fight for what they have until there is nothing left to save. When that love is not for him anymore, he lets go and lets those memories save him from sadness and regret.

Ang taong bobo sa pag-ibig is someone who overthinks, does not give himself a shot at love, and would rather stay in his state of loveless monotony than suffer the consequences of loving. In the end, nothing and no one can save him from sadness and regret. He will then realize that he did not really love his supposed former object of affection. Worse, he has to accept the fact that he did not love himself enough to allow the grace of God that is human love to work in his life. The only memories he'll have is of himself- alone, lonely, longing for someone to create memories with. Then, he'll tell himself, "Ang bobo ko sa pag-ibig."

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The iClip

February 25, 2011

I want an iPhone 4 so bad. I’ve been looking it up since I became aware of its existence in the market but was concerned about how I’m going to use my 3g sim card again for my laptop if it means I need to cut it for the phone. Also, it is just so damn expensive. Of course I could buy one. That’s if I don’t spend for anything else for one whole month. I dropped the dream immediately. There are more important things and other than a lifestyle upgrade, I work to buy food. I can afford an iPhone but I can’t afford to be hungry.

While I was clicking around youtube one last time before I give up my iPhone fantasies, I came across a video clip of how to change the freaking sim card. I was amazed at how incredibly time consuming the process is and wished that I’d seen this clip sooner. I could’ve been saved from all those excruciatingly hard days of wanting to have it so much at the expense of the possibility of being sent home for slapping a bitch who accidentally drops her precious iPhone while anxiously waiting for the dentist. I mean seriously, who drops an iPhone by accident? You have to be in an actual accident to loosen your grip on it. Oh well, that’s just me.

A few seconds into the video, the man who was trying to put the sim in the phone took out what seems to be Apple’s greatest invention yet: the iClip. Yes, the thin piece of metal intended as a paper clip was bent to serve a new purpose: to fit that teeny tiny hole at the side of the phone to open the sim vault. I have been using paper clips for as long as I can remember and have the utmost respect for its inventor Johan Vaaler but whoever came up with the iClip is a genius. I will think twice now before throwing one. You never know what awesome idea my exhausted, polluted and defunct brain could come up with that will change the way we look at paper clips forever and pave the way for some sort of paper clip revolution.

I rolled my eyes and gave out a faint laugh. I’m being ridiculous again. I only have a flair for words and absolutely zero interest in inventing anything. Phones and clips-aside, I am reminded again of my passion for writing. What am I made for? What will make me realize my worth? Yes I am a nurse, a paper clip at that but is this all I can be? Of course not. I can write. I can come up with a page about anything. I can be something else that other people don’t expect me to be because it’s not what I went to college for. I can be an iClip. I WANT to be an iClip. I just need to bend a little to the other side so I can maximize my God-given talents and be the other someone I want and could be.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011


-a note or other writing that has little or no meaning.

Here goes nothing...
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