Monday, September 19, 2011

27 Reasons I'm Grateful on My Birthday

      1.     My Dad and Mom- Thanks for having me. 
      2.     My Sister- It's good to know that I will always have a vigilant angel.
      3.     My Baby Brother- You are my life.
      4.     My Grandparents (Papa, Mama, Nanay, and Tatay (RIP)) - Thoughts of you are so 
            comforting. I so miss being a kid.
      5.     Tita Elaine, Tita Jess, and Tito Jun- Thanks for being my family here in Kuwait. Tito Sam,
            you are always missed.
      6.     My profession- Nursing gives me so much more than I could ever give back.
      7.     My job- I suck at you, I know. I’m sincerely sorry for my incompetence.
      8.     My General Manager- Thank you so much for the early birthday gift. May Allah bless you all
            the days of your life.
      9.     My DDM- Thank you for your patience. My apologies for the inconvenience of being your 
            dental nurse.
10.  My New Abha Farwaniya Family- If an Abha branch is to close down every time we win a contest, we’d be the only clinic left. I can already imagine Randy Jackson saying, “You’re in it to win it!” at our next performance.  It’s not even American Idol season 11 yet.
11.  Kuwait- This is a good place to heal.
12.  Kuwaiti Dinar- I love you and I’m happy with the present exchange rates, but please don’t go any lower. Any increase is in Avenue’s favor anyway, though indirectly, and Friday Market for some.
13.  My REAL friends- One of the hardest things in life is finding lasting friendships. The ones that I have today are pretty solid. Old, new, renewed, “pain-in-the-ass-but-sticks-in-your-butt-no-matter-what”- you guys know who you are.
14.  My Household Sisters and the whole CFC-SFC Kuwait Community- Old faith, NEW perspective. Through all of you, I am able to understand Catholicism in a different light.
15.  My bed, my corner- This is where I sort out all my emotional spaghetti and mental salad so I could come up with a material that is pleasing to your reading palate.
16.  My laptop- This baby never complains.
17.  The Internet- Thank you SO MUCH for obvious reasons. 
18.  Blogspot, YM, Skype, Facebook-  No one's ever too far to reach anymore.
19. Another reason to rejoice! Platinum Hit, American Idol, The Edward Pattinson Saga and many more… I’m gonna DL y’all!
20.  Microsoft Word- You rock a million times more than good ole’ pen and paper. Just spell the words and I shall be… done!
21.  Trials- What doesn’t kill me makes me a better writer.
22.  My flair for writing- I don’t know how to swim, play the keyboards, do karate and just recently, I found out that I can’t blow an effin’ rubber balloon. I gotta be good at something, right? (Please give this one to me…) 
23.  My dream- Writing is my saving grace. Apart from God, this is all I have. This is all I want for myself. (I'm feeling so American Idol, Platinum Hit, and Project Runway right now.)
24.  My readers- Thanks for your time. You do me the favor of either loving or hating what I offer. It’s a pleasure to share to you the pieces of me. It’s all for free. I still have a long way to go before anyone pays a cent for my crap.
25.  My “HERE AND NOW”- I use all the lessons I learned yesterday so I could have a better and brighter tomorrow. Today may not be perfect but it is the BEST for me; It is what God had planned to be.
26.  My Failed Relationships- When I was young, I prayed to God for a good guy who will love me RIGHT. When I was a bit older, I prayed for a respectable man who will love me RIGHTEOUSLY. He answered my prayers twice when He took away what I shouldn’t be having. In exchange, He gave me the ONLY kind of relationship that cannot, in any way, break my heart…
27.  My Personal Relationship with God- Lord, I won’t ever break up with You. I give to You my eternal gratitude for 1-26 and for the millions more not included in this list. Thank You for showing me how to love You RIGHT by loving RIGHTEOUSLY. I fail more often than I could forgive myself for, but Your love is as infallible as I am imperfect. I have found my life partner and best friend in You. Having You IN me is all I will ever need.

Yaaay! Happy Birthday to me. This is my best birthday yet. The future does not only look promising, it is filled with good things to come.   =)


Nice said...

I know this comment is so so late because your comment box wasn't working when you posted this... Being able to post something like this indeed showed a strong and driven hencel... may the blessings pour into your life in the coming days... I hope to see you the soonest time!

Anonymous said...

thanks nice. i'm looking forward to seeing you too. all the best! =)

Anonymous said...

Counting your blessings is the best way to celebrate your birthday Sis Hencel... Love to read again the same blog after 10 yrs, hoping u will include the green card/dual citizenship ;)


Anonymous said...

thank you anonymous sis... =)

Anonymous said...

ur welcome... anonymous bro po! =)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Bro.- I'm glad to know that guys read my blog posts too. You actually gave me an idea. I'll be writing something for the male population soon. 'Scribbles' needs more than my estrogen. Thanks very much. =)

Anonymous said...

Ok i will wait for that blog Sis... and be sure you are ready for our oral argument! hehehe! just kidding... keep on writing Sis and be blessed =)

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