Monday, October 31, 2011

Invisible, NOT

Gospel for Reflection (Kuwait) - John 20:19-31 

The story about Thomas reminded me of a time in my life when I doubted God’s existence. Is He for real? Or, did we just create this concept of Him so that we won’t feel so small in this vast universe? I snapped back before my dubiety got me anywhere and never asked again.

How can I not believe? Every time I open my eyes, my sight is greeted by His magnificence and I’m certain that it will be that way until I close them forever.  I have felt His unconditional love through all the people who came, went, and stayed in my life. He fought my battles for me and rejoiced with me in all my victories, big or small. That moment of doubt rendered my life meaningless, and He brought me back with a stronger hold on my faith. All I had to do was to open my eyes again after closing them on Him.

It’s easy to doubt, but it’s harder to NOT believe. When our existence is already proof of His existence, it’s impossible to be oblivious to His constant presence. When blinded by doubt, open your eyes. You’ll see Him.

Hencel Lauren D. Bisarra
CFC-SFC Kuwait (Salmiya Unit)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


GOD is your best ally and YOU are your worst enemy.

When tougher that tough trials come, I always get surprised at my own strength. There's more of God and less of me IN ME these days.

If you constantly try to please others, you will lose a sense of what pleases you.

I am happy to report that as of today, I have 0% regrets and 100% trust in God's love, mercy, and power. In all the years I've lived, not once has He failed me.

Every birthday is a gift from God.

HOPE is the light in the darkness.

It's never too late to have a better life. It's all up to you.

Life can teach you a lot of things ABOUT something.

Good friends don’t rub in your mistakes; They help you rub them out.

My memory whispered this to me:
Orphans, beggars, and ragamuffins
Out on the streets they roam.
They walk, they run, they gallop around
Because they have no home.
(First stanza of the first poem I ever wrote. I think I was 10 years old at the time.)

Crazy people are smart people who do stupid things.

Some people's lives don't get better because they are afraid of change. Life is about overcoming your fears, taking calculated risks, and having no regrets.

If you do something rash, be ready to take the heat for it. What you give is what you will get.

TRY: "Ditch the deed, not the dude". God knows it's hard so He gives us plenty of chances to practice.

God is stronger than any negative emotion. In His time, this too shall pass.

Smile and the world will smile with you.

"Happy-ness" is rarely a feeling. With all of life's drama, it's more of a decision.

Having a perfect God makes up for all of life's imperfections.

If you care too much about what other people think about you, you'll have lesser time to be yourself.

SAD REALITY: A lot of people are quick to judge but very few are willing to understand.

Sleeping early does not guarantee that you'll wake up early. Your bed versus your willpower is always a tough match.

It’s funny how the hardest and the easiest thing that you can do in a situation is TO NOT CARE.

What you say tells MORE about YOU than the things you are talking about.

The next time you look up to God, try looking around you first. See Him in every face, feel Him in the air, and have a taste of His goodness in the midst of a bad situation. We know He's up there and He's also down here because He is everywhere, but there's more to that fact. He is wherever we need Him to be. He loves us that much.

A lot of people are miserable because they always want to be IN control. The moment you place upon yourself the responsibility of bringing something into a state of perfection, that's when things start to get OUT of control only because you've begun to care TOO much. ONLY God has the capacity to make things be, so just LET things be. TRUST in His power. STOP trying to be like God.

A woman of substance ages gracefully.

The phrase "forgive and forget" never made sense to me. You never forget what you HAD TO forgive. "Forgive and FORGO" is more accurate, and it's actually DOABLE.

You're never ready until you have to be and you're never sure until you're left with only one option, so don't worry until you’re THERE.

"Self-loving" is not a way of loving oneself. It is the self-destruct button labeled differently by your pride.

Kung iisipin at hahanapin mo lagi ung wala,
'di mo mapapansin kung anong meron ka.

A conversation between Insecure and Conceited:
Conceited: insecure ka lang saken...
Insecure: napaka-conceited naman neto!

Give explanations, not excuses. Either way, the truth will win.

A lot of people are ridiculously sensitive to criticisms. You can't make a critic shut his gob, but you can learn how to handle his "bs" well after a quick and honest introspection.

"Respect" is when we accept each other's differences because we know we're all the same in the sense that no one is above another.

 Do your part in taking care of yourself and God will cover the rest.

Every word that I write is meant to praise God's name.

Life may be peppered with unfortunate events, but God gives us plenty more reasons to celebrate. My faith is what keeps me going. 

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Friday, October 21, 2011


I recently celebrated my 27th birthday and just like in the past years, I looked back at how I lived to understand and appreciate my “here and now”. Yes, I HAD to do that. I must say though that even if I’m still not where I dreamt to be ten years ago, at least I’m in a better place. College wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped when I was in high school. I guess my only consolation is the fact that it wasn't boring, with my graduation as the highlight of that whole college experience. However my life was then, I’d like to think that I lived it well because it got me to where I am now. I had my own share of university drama. No major, major risks. No major, major mistakes. No major, major regrets.
I remember how I wished for each day to end quickly because for some reason, I found myself stuck instead of progressing. Maybe it’s the reason why my memories of then are so blurry. Waiting for those four years to end seemed like forever. After two semesters, I felt like I had to wait for 30 more years to become a nurse. After all the exams and red tape that got me the title I adorn my name with, I found myself STILL waiting. I was waiting to HAVE a life. How incredibly stupid was that?
I was waiting to have a life when I ALREADY have one. I just failed, or forgot, to LIVE it. Being younger and less mature ought to be counted as reasons. Now that I’m older (and hopefully more ahem!), I have absolutely no excuse to be the way I was. All the lessons I learned that were zipped in my backpack is being put to good use, especially with the retrogression in it’s all time “slow” in the past couple of years (all the “papers” we spent dollars on that are just in my file case and guarded with my life are nearing expiry). Slowly but surely, I am becoming an expert on the skill of “waiting BUT not waiting”. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts in the road where each and every one of us travels. We have no choice but to suck it up and choose from among the many ways we can make the journey enjoyable. I have chosen to do two things at the same time: EARN A LIVING via my profession, and LIVING via “y’all-know-what-by-now”. Someone’s gotta help pay the bills but SHE’s got a life to live too, and nothing (for me) beats beating the RN burnout than by writing WITH God.
Even if my life today isn’t even close to my own concept of “perfect”, it’s a good thing that I’m no longer asking the same question I used to ask myself year after year: “What am I here for and where do I go from here?” Pathetic then, I know, but isn’t that everybody? I’m glad and grateful that I came to the realization that our answer to that question doesn’t have to be accurate, at least for the time being. You just have to have one and whatever it is, it’s FROM God. So if I already know the answer, what’s keeping me? Why am I seemingly stuck where I’m at? Guess what? I'm not. What makes me say that? I just know. I believe that whichever route you take, as long as you KNOW your destination, you’ll get there. Will I get there just in time before I develop carpal tunnel syndrome, or become senile? Of course! To hell with all the self-doubt, the paralyzing fear of the unknown, and the dispiriting detours. I have a dream and as SURE as I am that there is a God who loves me, I CAN make it.
The American Dream is to be the next American Idol. The Filipino Dream is to be an American Citizen (I'll go for dual citizenship someday btw... just sayin'). Why not have both? My singing chops can’t get me a golden ticket, but there’s something else I can do. There may only be a 50% chance that I could live my dream considering the circumstances I’m presently in, so I have to make the most out of it to arrive at a hundred. I only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE, with plenty of choices and chances. I’ll wait while NOT waiting, LIVE while making a living, and DREAM… while making it come true.
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