Thursday, December 29, 2011

My New Year's Wish

I had only one New Year’s wish last December 31, 2010:  MORE FUN, LESS DRAMA.

I didn’t get it. 2011 was a bitch.

The year started out okay, with me recovering from the aftermath of a dissolved friendship that left me wondering which part of it was real. I’ve been through a lot but just when I thought I’ve survived the worst, I realized that all I had were just a series of misadventures that brought me to this bigger mess. My problems came one after the other, sometimes arriving together hand-in-hand, in rapid succession. There were times when I just wanted to sleep all day to avoid any kind of human interaction, or cry and get effin’ furious, or make an anthem with the S, B, and F words making up 95% of the lyrics, or be a little less conscientious and bring the karma to my story’s villains instead of waiting for somebody else to do the dirty job- like a normal person. But that’s just not how I am. I write. I freakin’ write about every single thing that upsets me and it works. It works for a while. I see the sunshine, the rainbow, and hear the birds chirping like how I imagine them in paradise. Then it gets gloomy, and rain would pour heavily again flooding me with unwanted emotions. The light is replaced by darkness and all I can hear is the soundless, but deafening confusion. You see, external conflicts can only cause you the damage you allow. Your inner conflicts, especially the ones that you consciously push to the unconscious, have the capacity to burn you from within. The extent of harm cannot be predicted and only time can tell if it will go away- or haunt you forever.

I am done. This time, I will do more than write. I’ll take off my shoes and roll up my sleeves like a fighter who drank milk, not coffee. I’mma battle my inner demons ‘till they’re crushed before they do some crushing of their own. Our spirit may be vulnerable to a lot of things, but we can survive with only minor injuries. What’s a fight without a few scratches and stitches anyway? My weapon is my faith. What’s yours?

2011 may have left me exhausted from all the “non-events”, but I still have lotsa energy left in me to turn things around. Though tired and a bit dazed, I’m still grateful for all things- good and bad- that made the past 365 days of mine fit for archiving. I wouldn’t throw a single memory to my history dustbin because I believe that each trial and triumph was meant to make me tougher and smarter so the next 365 days of my life won’t be so bad. 2011 may have been a bitch but I’m still here. I’m still freakin’ here. What didn’t kill me just made me- "the" BIGGER bitch.

This is my wish for the coming year- NOTHING. I’ll be just fine and everything will be alright. I’m entrusting my head and heart to the Lord fully, without reservations.

2012, BRING IT ON!


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Monday, December 26, 2011


-More than failure, losing a sense of purpose is what scares me.

-The meaning of the term FAMILY goes beyond blood relations. They are the people who can love you RIGHT, forsaking social standards concerning politeness and loyalty, because they want you to be RIGHTEOUS.

-Sometimes, doing nothing is WORSE than doing the wrong thing.

-It's puzzling that the very people who are afraid of public humiliation are the ones who won't stop doing humiliating things. Life is a series of cause and effect, actions and reactions, and mistakes and consequences. Be accountable for your own doings. In the end, the reality that a person gets what he deserves will not only be implied. He will reap what he has sown.

-One very important thing I've learned in life is to not entertain detailed stories from liars. A single lie can already reveal the simple truth which, oftentimes, is the only thing that you need to know.

-If a person says that he'd kill FOR his siblings, I'd understand. But if I hear one expressing even a nano-possibility of him killing one of his own for whatever reason, I'd keep my distance… As in any connivancy, the truth will come out in God's time and everyone involved will pay BIG time. 

-If you COVER UP your lies with lies, the mountain you have created will tumble over you.

-Happiness is not about getting everything that you want. It is about knowing what you need and being contented with what you have.

-A person who deludes himself into thinking that he is righteous in spite of his immorality, needs professional help and divine intervention.

-Trust the Lord fully. Do not insult His power by holding on to things and people He has removed from your life. Let Go and Let God. Do it now and watch His plans for you unfold as your life changes for the better.

-Forgive not just for your own sake but for the love of God and when your time comes, you will leave this place happy. The people who have wronged you and were not humble enough to apologize for their mistakes can die a million deaths, but their souls will not rest in peace.

-Break-ups are hard to deal with, but always remember that they happen to make our lives easier.

-Don’t just let things happen to you. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

-A reader knows a writer’s heart.

-New BLS: C.A.B.D.
C.hest compressions
D.o not have a cardiac arrest when Hency is around…  (“,)

-When our bodies are exhausted, we rely on our will to keep going. When the latter fizzles, the Lord takes over. Before we know it, we have exceeded the expectations we have set for ourselves; we’ve gone beyond what our bodies are capable of doing, and our faith in a God that gives us strength when we most need it is stronger than ever.

-So I went to church today, and just like in all the masses I've attended since I was a child, "Kordero ng Diyos" was sung by everyone in a louder and more enthusiastic note. May peace be with us always, all the days of our lives.

-No matter how furious you are, there will always be a part of you that's ready to love in spite of; but the object of your anger needs to know straight up that what he did is wrong for you, even if it means deviating from the social constructs of "loving". Forgive quickly, but do not be tolerant of other people's blunders. You have a moral responsibility to love righteously.

-Rain in Kuwait means a change is gonna come. Good heavens, drizzle the desert! Let each drop that moistens this dry land be like a blessing that gives joy to a weary heart.

-Hindi naman kailangan na maging perpekto ka;
 Umayos ka lamang, tama na yun sa Kanya.

-Nothing turns me off more than a tall, rich, and handsome guy who's afraid of syringe needles. One thing I'm so grateful for with being a nurse is having the license to use one- with a mocking grin.

-Love your life. It's the only one you've got… Loving the life that God gave you is one of the many ways you can show your gratefulness and love for Him. If you say that you love Him but you allow yourself to constantly be in the company of negativity, then you have failed to do so miserably.

-I can’t tell if doubt is good or bad because both are subjective. What I’m certain of is that it allows us to have this moment of deliberation from which we emerge as stronger individuals with a renewed faith in the “truth” that we have chosen to believe. When our faith is strong, peace is upon us. It is easier to be conscientious, to live righteously, to forgive, and to believe that we can be forgiven. It will be easier to live like Christ did and, for a genuine Christian, to be a living proof of his lordship and divinity.
*2nd paragraph of my first draft for the 13th SFC-MEC reflection writing contest.

-A woman must learn how to live without a man because you rarely find one who's always around.

-'Wag mong i-overrate ang maliit na pagkakamali ng isang tao
para lang ipagtakpan ang uber laki mong kasalanan. Bad yun.

-Whenever I wake up in the morning, I have good news and bad news.
Good news- God gave me another day to be productive.
Bad News- I have to GET UP from my bed to do that.

-God gave us 24 hrs/day. Let's make it a point to spend more time praising and worshipping Him than complaining about petty things.

-If you can touch one person’s life, you can make a difference. You can help change the world for the better.
BUT FIRST... gotta change for the better. You gotta reach out to someone. You gotta want to make a difference in the world.
You CAN, but you GOTTA start with YOU.

-If you are technically in a relationship with someone who is emotionally checked out, you are SINGLE. It’s not that complicated.

-Just when you think that silence is a coward’s response to a dangerous threat, it can actually be his strongest defense. Before you know it, your words are forced to retreat and go back to where they came from.

-We only have time for the things that we like to do, hope for the dreams that we want to come true, love for the people who really matter, and faith in what we truly believe.

-If only frying can give me the sense of comfort that writing gives, our flat will smell like a giant fried lumpia every day.

-Make a conscious effort to please God, not people.

-A woman is always more beautiful when she smiles, not because everything is going her way, but because she’s made a decision to enjoy her life however it is.

 -Kings Saul and David led their men to battle. They fought, won, and lost WITH them. I wonder if we'd still have wars if those men in tailored suits are to be drafted first as per job description.

-I feel sorry for a person who CAN do something but WON’T do anything.

-‘Wag nang malungkot sa mga maling nangyari sayo.
Sikapin mo nalang na maitama ang lahat sa buhay mo.

-If for every ten things that made you sad you receive one blessing, your life is already beyond "okay"; it's perfect. God is generous. He gives you what is due you, one sweet treat at a time.

-You get into trouble more when you stand up for what’s right, that’s why a lot of people just stay mum or join the other pack. The situation can get so frustrating but after a while, you will realize that what you have is worth more than a favorable reception by a group of biased supporters. Peace of mind and a clean conscience- PRICELESS.

-People who are not humble enough to accept their mistakes and change their ways don’t grow up- they just get old.

-moLaR lesson: Thou shall remove your retainers if you intend to chew bubble gum.

-Forgiving others will be easier if you humbly accept that you mess up too. Forgiving yourself will be easier if you stop feeling responsible for other’s mistakes.

-FRANKahan 101 by Hency:
Hindi bale nang naloko, huwag lang ikaw ang nanloko
Hindi bale nang nagago, huwag lang ikaw ang nang-gago
Hindi bale nang nabastos, huwag lang ikaw ang nambastos
Bakit? Kasi mas madaling patawarin ang iba kaysa ang iyong sarili
Kasi alam mo kung ano yung tama, pero ang ginawa mo yung mali.

-There are some things that we just can't understand.
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why does a tragedy happen when we least thought it would?
Why are we so bothered about petty things and situations when there are calamities in other countries?
I pray not for answers. Tonight, I will only pray for the people who have bigger problems.

-Dasal ang pinaka-epektibong panlaban sa stress. Nakakaraming bonggang usap na kami ni Lord. Buti wala Siyang kulit meter.

-You know that something is REALLY for you if the things that are beyond your control concerning it aren't so... complicated.

-The reason why I do not despise or judge atheists is because their ideologies and conviction make me reflect on mine and my faith is strengthened each time I do. Atheism is a way of life and its believers are here for a reason. God is powerful. If they're not meant to be here like gays and lesbians, they would not have been made to exist.

-We are capable of being happy in spite of our circumstances.

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