Monday, February 27, 2012

January - February 2012

We will always find ourselves in situations wherein we have no other choice but to “suck it up”, then “suck in” all the lessons we can get, so the coming days that will become years won’t be so bad.

As true as it is that you can’t trust anyone, sometimes even yourself, you’ll be stuck where you are if you don’t put your full trust in God.

God is our shield. He is greater than any wall China can build, and impenetrable unlike the US-Mexico border fences.

Love yourself for all that you are.

A person who thinks that he can outsmart the world is- NOT SO SMART.

You will find true love ONLY AFTER you have learned how to truly love someone.

God speaks to us in ways we can understand.

Your faith is your best asset.

A curse is a blessing in disguise. God is good, ALWAYS.

When someone can't fit in your life, it means he's not meant to be a part of it.

Anger can always turn you into something you’re not. Chill.

Life is what you make it. Make it happy.

God has an unlimited supply of love, hope, and forgiveness for those who seek Him. His gift of healing can do what chemo, radiation treatments, and transplants can't; it can cure the spirit's illnesses and soothe the heart's wounds. I couldn't think of a better medicine than inner peace through God's grace.

Genuine happiness is possible in spite of life’s imperfections. For a lot of things that upset us and are beyond our control, there’s acceptance and faith.

Bad: Writer's block
Worse: Mind block
Worst: Heart block

Time spent doing things for God's greater glory is never wasted.

Don’t waste your time with Mr. Wrong. Make yourself available for Mr. Right.

Some things are not meant to be understood- only felt.

Optimism makes life easier. You see the good in every bad situation, make better decisions, have lesser regrets, and become more grateful with whatever life has to offer.
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

10 Taong 'Di Dapat Patulan (in no particular order)

1. Taong galit- try mo

2. Taong lasing- try mo din

3. Taong sawi sa pag-ibig- try mo pa

4. Taong bagong gising- tulog pa yan 

5. Taong sinungaling- hindi yan aamin

6. Taong nagmamagaling- mali lahat ng sasabihin mo

7. Taong di makaintindi- mapapagod kang kaka-explain

8. Taong mapanira- madadamay ka sa galit niya sa ibang tao

9. Taong nagyayabang- banatan mo pa at mayabang ka na rin

10. Taong nagpaparinig- magmumukha kang bastos. Don’t interrupt a monologue.
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Of Crowns and Bridges

There are so many words to describe the past few weeks of my life; I wouldn’t even begin to do so. I’m just so relieved to finally be where I am, sweeping the cobwebs off my blog’s walls and corners. Finally, I can start over even without starting anything. Waiting sucks, yes, but there are tougher words in my vocabulary. I hope the drama stays where I left it. I don’t want it anywhere near me, ever again.

The past aside, my future looks bright. I will still be in the same salary category (remuneration is proportionately equal to expenditure) after I’m done with my present state of non-productivity. A lot of people probably think I’m “rich” by now. I think that’s RIDICULOUS but I forgive them (they can stick their toes in my shoes anytime). Nah, I’m just bitter they’re wrong. The only thing that’s gonna be bright about my future, if I stay in these nursing jobs, is my trip home for (probably) the most fulfilling moment of my life. My brother’s education is my best investment. I promise to wear high heels and make-up on his graduation day.

Speaking about jobs, don’t roll your eyes on me if I tell you I love (or- am loving?) mine. In a world where money matters more than we allow it in ourselves to, work is not only for the purpose of sustenance. Yes, it can be the cause of enumerable problems and almost-intolerable misery, but it also keeps our sanity intact. It is a powerful diversion from other issues of humanity, like love and the lack or absense of it, and it burns those fats. It’s one of the reasons why I’m still single and… 52 kilos. “Sexy” is subjective.

Sigh, sigh, sigh. When I talk about Nursing, I remember all the jobs I had. Hospitals are the same and will always be how they are- TOXIC. They only differ in policies and board members. Clinics are… well, they’re clinics. Dental clinics are no exception. In my (almost) two years as an OB-GYNE nurse in the Philippines, I only have a handful of crystal clear memories. The days passed by in a blur; one shift came even before one ended. I’m like, was I ever 24? My dental nursing experience was a striking contrast. If only tedium can kill, I’m telling you, I wouldn’t be here. What kept me alive? Writing.

Nevertheless, I am oh-so grateful for my “teeth time”. I’ve learned SO MUCH, but I will not enumerate. The moment I left, I knew exactly why God kept me in that place for two years: my family, my dream, my spiritual and personal growth, and my professional betterment. Is there a nursing school in the Philippines that offers units in Dental Nursing? Tell me, tell me.

Things, good and bad, happen for a reason. Though this is what I’ve been waiting for two years, it’s not going back to collaborative nursing in the hospital setting that I’m so enthusiastic about. I’m excited for what God had planned for me- here. I’m ready to put on that first day smile, with my (now) straight teeth.  Let’s see ‘em, VA-bies!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dear God, Tinatamad Ako

Dear God,

Father, I am spent with doing nothing and with “nothing”, I mean the thing I love doing most. Even after two bouts of lbm, I still feel constipated. There’s just so much inside of me, waiting to be put into words. They are waiting still.

You know like You know all of me that this is not my first time with this “affliction”, and that this won’t be my last. While external factors may contribute to some extent, with Your grace they pass. When they have and my writing ideas are still as they are- mere ideas-, it’s my bad. Indolence is man’s perpetual enemy.

Lord, this wrestling match with myself is getting old. In these times, when all I need is “that push”, the very force that made me type my first word, my instinct is to look up to You. My sense of purpose is renewed, Your voice within me gets louder by the second, and my fingers begin to have a life of their own, with every word I type ONLY for Your greater glory. I am grateful again for everything, good AND bad, that made me start, stop, and continue writing.  I feel very blessed.

You are above all things. I entrust to you my dreams and aspirations.  When things get shaky, let it not be a reason for me to dilly-dally, but to have more things to write about.

I love You more than I can tell- in writing.

Your writer wannabe daughter,
Hencel Lauren

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