Friday, April 27, 2012

Top 10 Things I Learned on Facebook

      This is in random order.
      1.     Don’t judge a person by his profile picture... or if he "likes" his own posts and photos.

      2.     Posts can be deceiving. But then, you are what you post. Go figure.

      3.     Adding someone you defriended for unreasonable reasons is called an "apology".

      4.     Asking for financial help on someone’s wall for everyone to see is beyond annoying.

      5.     The difference between YOUR and YOU’RE is too complicated for a lot of people.

      6.     Assuming that everyone cares about everything you post is just plain narcissistic.

      7.     Before you update your relationship status, be sure about the relationship- or your status.

      8.     Adding your boyfriend’s exes to HIS friends list to spy on them is so lame. Get a life.

      9.     Tagging someone to a post meant to ridicule him is ridiculous.

     10.  Remember the Golden Rule when posting unflattering photos of your friends.

     By Hencel Lauren
     Facebook-err since 2009

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Because I Can

I’ll let you in through a door
Where no outsiders are allowed
Forsaking all caution
I’ll let down my guard
Why? Because I can.

Questions won’t be asked
Stones will be left unturned
I’ll let you take all I have
And get none in return
Why? Because I can.

Take my heart in your fist
You may squeeze as you wish
Take your fill as I bleed
Go on…
Go on…
(Seriously, I’m not serious)
I’ll let you because I can.

Leave if you must
I won’t try to make you stay
I’ll love you ‘til it hurts
And ‘til the pain goes away
Why? Because I can.

I won’t find reasons to be angry
Or speak words of hate
If forever today isn’t likely
I’ll leave it all to fate
Why? Because I can.

But what if I don’t want to be like that?
What if I choose to be a bitch?
Who’d let you in then shut you out
Give you queries ‘til you twitch

I’d grate your heart like cheese
I’d take my fill as you bleed (I’m serious)
I’d throw your body but chain your soul
I’d write about you ‘til you cough out your b*lls

You should know by now.
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