Wednesday, September 19, 2012

28 Things...

28 Things About Me Very Few People Know:

1. I don’t like "Latik" (a kind of Filipino rice cake). The most I can eat is around 2-3 tiny bites when I’m very hungry and it’s the only edible stuff around.

2. My worst fear as a nurse is if someone will die because of my negligence.

3. I get intimidated by people who can do things that I can’t do.

4. If I don’t like someone, I interact with him more in an effort to erase the negative feelings I have for him.

5. When no.4 doesn’t work, I condition myself into not giving a shit.

6. Some of my closest friends are people I initially didn’t like. Later on, I found out that our feelings WERE mutual. Unlike mine, their reasons were valid. It took a long time too, before I was able to like myself.

7. I like seafoods. No. I LOVE seafoods. There was a time in my life when they’re all that I ate.

8. I plan my day inside the bathroom.

9. I have come to accept a long, long time ago that I do not fit into the social construct of physical beauty. If by some twisted reason someone tells me that I am beautiful according to his standards, I just smile in appreciation but it doesn’t feed my ego.

10. What feeds my ego is if I am able to give someone something to think about.

11. My priority is my family. Loving them is how I have chosen to love God.

12. Sticking to my own ideas of fun is one of the keys to my personal happiness.

13. I fall hard but I’m not easily broken. When I do break, I stitch myself up by writing.

14. I get startled easily. It’s the reason why I don’t watch horror films. I scream before the scary parts.

15. It’s very easy to make me laugh. Even the corniest jokes can mess with my breathing.

16. I am inspired by people who have a strong sense of who they are.

17. I get irritated by people who consume themselves with petty things.

18. One of the many things that I’m confused with myself is my feelings about spontaneity. I’d like to be spontaneous, but I have to plan it. It’s pretty stupid.

19. It usually takes me around 50 minutes to write a page-long blog post. It takes me 5 days to edit it. I’m a grammar freak. I’m open to corrections, as long as they are accurate, for that’s how I learn. All writers (wannabes like me, especially) are fallible and from where I am, I could use all the help that I can get.

20. I don’t like taking medications, vitamins, or food supplements. Only if it is absolutely necessary (e.g. a body temperature of 38.2 degrees Celsius and up) that a pill finds its way inside my intestines. For everything else, there’s water and long hours of rest.

21. My ideal man is… not ideal. I have a predilection for guys who aren’t “good to go”, those who need some sort of “fixing”. I’m attracted to the drama they bring. It’s one of the many things I have to “fix” about myself.

22. I’m not athletic. Tong-its, anyone?

23. I could talk to a mature, non-judgmental, insightful, sensitive, and open-minded person for as long as he can tolerate my loquaciousness.

24. I’m good at goodbyes, but not the permanent ones.

25. I usually know when someone is lying to my face.

26. I have made the decision not to enter another relationship until after I’m done with a particular “task”. Only one person in the planet knows what that is.

27. I rarely am in the mood to share about my (very) personal issues VERBALLY but if I am, I don’t care if I’m in the most unlikely place with a person I am most unlikely to bare my soul to. I WILL spill.

28. There’s more to me than anyone can ever know. (wink)

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Friday, September 14, 2012

July - August 2012

Maturity is NOT in knowing what's more important (e.g. food over blouses/bags/make-up, mortgage over luxury trips, job over cocky colleagues, family over affairs, friendship over pride, sanity over relationships, health over too much "coke" and cola, and God over EVERYTHING else). It is in ACTUALLY making decisions that PUT what matters most ABOVE the others no matter how selfish and immature you want to be, and being firm on 'em whatever else happens.

It's easier to move on from bad relationships than fake friendships. If someone made the mistake of considering you a friend and you want to hurt him, here's my advice: be perfect and UNREAL.

I once read in a pamphlet that if you don't give up sinful acts, then all you will get out of fasting is hunger and thirst. Ramadan is meant to be a morally enriching experience.

Man is constantly preoccupied with three things:
a)     past
b)     present
c)     future

If I were to describe a perfect world, the word "chaotic" will be an understatement. It is because we all have different ideas of how a perfect world should be. We're 7 billion in the world now. We can’t be egocentric and selfish.

Nurses are 10 times more likely to get cranky when hungry. Please don't take our smiles for granted especially when it's 45 minutes before endorsement time. That's when we're short on other pleasant facial expressions.

A girl in love becomes vulnerable, emotional.
A boy in love becomes every inch the man he aspires to be.

Life is simple. We just complicate it.


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