Friday, February 22, 2013

January - February 2013

-My first wall post for the year 2013: THANK YOU GOD!
-For every first, there is a last; for every beginning, an ending. Everything that was started will be finished. You'll need God throughout- for every last when you want more, for every ending that was a disappointment, and for whatever it is that you can't seem to finish. Don't worry. He'll be there like He's always been for every first, every beginning. That feeling of HOPE you have whenever you start something is actually God telling you that in Him, with Him, and through Him, it can be done.
-We are responsible for how we choose to love. To love righteously, we must remember everything that we've been through, good and bad, and think about how God planned it all so we can be who we are today. Pray. Reflect. Learn how to love righteously ONLY from The Best.
-Each of us has this little dream in our heart that when achieved, can give us a sense of fulfillment and happiness that our bigger dreams can't.
-How you'll fare with CHANGE depends largely on how you look at it.
-Real friends are really, really, really hard to come by. God may not hand new ones to me in perfect little paper bags on an annual basis, but it sure is worth waiting for one -with a strong personality- once every three or so years when I want to give my guts a rest.
-If you live life vicariously through other people, yours will wither away.
-Your life is God's gift to you. HOW you live it is your "gift" to Him.
-Sometimes, when simple things are explained, they get complicated.
-In a world filled with shady people, BE STILL.
 a) It's not about you
 b) What they sow, they will reap.
-If you can give it up, it could be that it's not that important. Let it go, completely, in pursuit of the more important things in life.
-A person who can betray oneself can easily betray others.
-A lot of people live long lives playing safe only to realize that they've died a little bit everyday doing nothing.
-The truth exposes itself without human effort.
-We’re all ordinary and special at the same time. Ordinary, ‘coz we’re people; Special, ‘coz we’re loved by God.
-Don't settle for what's in front of you. Items on sale are usually at the back.
-When you have to do something that is morally right according to your standards BUT is socially wrong, do it. Trust that God can understand what people can't.
-You have to give 200% effort when you really want something so that if you don't get it, you're still 100% happy.
-You can only be as good as you believe you can be. You were created by A Great God. Be no less than that.
-Nobody has it easy.
-Pray more. Love more. Live more.
-Practice with patience.
-Don't bank on memories no matter how happy and plenty they are. People, feelings, and circumstances change.
-As a mature person, you should be able to follow your OWN rules.
-You know that God has lost His central place in your heart NOT when you couldn't remember the last time you prayed. It's when you could've BUT didn't.
-Choose your battles wisely.
-Sometimes, we are obsessed about finishing things we haven’t even started yet.
-True, lasting love is worth the long wait.
-Your heart is reflected in your writings whatever they're about.
-We can’t go anywhere near God if we do things that keep us away from Him.
-If you let all the bad stuff bother you over and over again, you'll never be in a good mood.
-Love is that which brings out the best in people. If it doesn't, then it's something else.
-Smart people know the words "frankness" and "tact" by definition. Wise people know HOW to be frank and tactful at the same time.
-A person who is in constant need for company often ends up with the wrong crowd.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Everybody Lies

I miss watching House M.D. I remember the misanthropic lead Hugh Laurie saying this in an episode and thought that it could’ve made a less catchy series title. If it isn’t a fallacy of composition (assuming that something true of part of a whole must also be true of the whole), then it simply is a hasty generalization (an informal fallacy; X is true for A, B, C and D therefore, X is true for the rest of the alphabet), yet the two words put together expresses a kind of certainty that is absolute... unquestionable. I started telling myself that this can’t be for real, I mean, it’s a fallacy in itself on all points of logic. There must be a person, one person, out there who doesn’t lie AT ALL. But then, I'm reminded of the fibs that I’ve said and changed my mind. Everybody lies. If I’m not honest all the time, then nobody is. If they’re gonna make a billboard of the most honest person in the world, I’d want my face up there! That’s the truth. But here is a truth that trumps that: it CAN'T be. I might as well be up there in the collage, five billion faces away from the members of the Philippine Senate and Lance Armstrong. You can’t make decent blog posts from lies, hello?!


They say that you should strike while the iron is hot when writing and somehow, the thought of liars and the lies they tell got me all fired up. Lying’s been abused mainly for purposes of self- preservation; it has become an art form in itself. That, ladies and gentlemen, is repulsive on so many levels. Frankly, I haven’t the slightest idea to a strategy on how to erase that in my own backyard. Do you? I guess I just take it one situation at a time, know when I had to (you know), and stop before it gets anywhere near fun. That’s kinda the time when things can (and they will) start spiraling downwards and your life suddenly becomes a work of fiction.


I know a lie when it’s said to my face just like I know what a lie is gonna cost me before it comes out of my mouth. It doesn’t make me an expert on lies or people, just an expert on myself and how far I’d allow myself to go in terms of “that”. God knows I can’t go anywhere near Him if I do things that keep me away from Him, so I guess the best that you and I can do is to make a decision not to release fibs from its source. In a world where credibility is substantial to a peaceful existence, we can’t establish it with lies. Just sayin’, but for the record…


…I, Hencel Lauren, believe with all my heart that the phrase/sentence “Everybody lies” is still a fallacy no matter how true it may seem. I’m sure that there is someone out there who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about a squeaky-clean (fake) reputation, who's not afraid to lose anything if it might cost him a clear conscience, and gets an intense amount of satisfaction from being free from the manacles of the littlest of untruths.


He is the man I will marry.
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