Tuesday, April 16, 2013

March - April 2013

You can't let negativity bring you down especially when you can't count on anyone else to help you back up.

Whenever I'm super bored, I scroll through my newsfeed and the only thing more shocking than a senatorial candidate's capacity to piss a whole registry of "room nurses" under a minute is who's dating whom.

If you put more energy into thinking about doing something rather than actually doing it, you won’t get it done.

A rose so blue, I bend, waiting for the desert’s rain. Oh…
Love that ruins, love that builds, break me again.
If despair finds me on my knees before you do, oh…
Keeper of my peace, tell me I have not loved for two.

Beauty beyond words;
Imperfect but real.
Naïve? Make no mistake!
Kind-hearted, with an impregnable spirit...
Yearning for no less than what she deserves.

In a world full of suffering, happiness can only be found from within. Let peace be in our hearts always.

Ice cream, in all forms and flavors, is always seductive to the palate.

It is foolish to ask other people to change for you. The best thing to do is to take a step back and let them decide if they want to change for themselves.

Be loyal to your heart.

When you wake up in the morning, don't think about the difficulties that you might encounter. Prepare to be blessed beyond every stretch of the imagination, every day. God is GREAT.

The thing about watching a TV series which ended more than a couple of years ago is that you are re-acquainted with the old cellphone models. Maybe if I watch a New Girl rerun after two years, I'll throw up when I see an iPhone 4s. #michaelscofieldmotorola

The only way to make a dream worth all that you've sacrificed is to follow, then achieve it.

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