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September- December 2013


Plagiarism may be a writer’s perpetual enemy, but with Indolence scoring more points, there wouldn’t be anything to copy.

The upside of living in a world full of assholes is the expert you become at dodging the shit they throw at you.

Too much money can cost you your freedom.

Being a responsible person does not require you to sacrifice your true nature unless you believe you were born to be a reckless one.

What makes you unique is your reason for existence.

The world already knows how beautiful you are. No need to be insecure.

One fact of life is that you gotta be a lot of things to be THAT one thing.

Nobody wins the lottery without placing a bet.

Conceit is different from Confidence. They just "sound" the same sometimes.

Being single gives you tons of time to read "relationship" books.


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There are times when we don’t care about what we’re doing. Whenever we mess up, we hurt people we hate or love, or people we don’t even know. These things that we do may be intentional or unintentional. Well, we only hurt ourselves more than we hurt them. These people we’ve wronged move away and we only know more about them after they’ve left us. It’s a pity we'll only see them when they’ve gone. Before we know it, we’ve made ourselves islands isolated by wide and deep waters of sadness and regret. We end up miserable. After a while, we realize what we did and it’s only then that we know when it’s late- too late. After all that’s been said and done, the question is and will be: What do we do with ourselves?

Hencel 1999

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