Wednesday, July 16, 2014

May – August 2014

Love overcomes fear.

If marriage were illegal, maybe more people will fight to stay married.

Saying NO may get you into trouble sometimes, but it often spares you from bigger problems.

One secret to being happy is don’t pretend when you’re not.

Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert. Eat, Pray, Sleep - Hencel Lauren.

As a writer, you have to learn how to let go of some writing ideas and forgive yourself for it.

Lord, I will try to relax more. I have faith in You and Your divine plans. I love You.

Alamin ang kaibahan ng simpleng kilig sa tunay na pag-ibig.

Bad things happen to good people because of bad people who are up to no good.

If you want people to respect you, you must: a) respect others, and b) respect yourself.

Sometimes, when someone explains to me something I already know, I get confused. There really are different ways of understanding the same thing.

The most conceited thing to say is "Insecure lang siya sa'kin". No secure person would say that about another, no matter how true it may seem.

There are plenty of ways to love someone. Pick one that says, "This is beyond the best that I could offer and you're so worth it."

The sum of all your life's experiences is the person you are today. If you think you're awesome, then don't be so damn bitter.

Too often, the best things come from the most unpleasant circumstances. If you're feeling sad right now, prepare to experience the happiest day of your life. And thank God in advance.

Maybe a reason why we keep repeating the same mistakes is to prove that they are not mistakes. Maybe. Just maybe.

Telling someone to follow his heart is like giving him a pile of crap. Tell him HOW you intend to follow yours, your plans to survive the hurdles along the way, and that you won't stop or give up until you have fulfilled its desires.

Nursing is a noble profession in that a nurse is willing to risk deflating his ego for the more important things- like a (sick) patient's ego. F*<k those nurses who don't.

Life is filled with adversities but we're still here. So if you’re wondering where you got your heart’s strength, thank God you were born with it.

A small mind makes a big deal out of everything.

Do not make deals with the devil. She will give you a taste of heaven, then make your life a living hell.

Let your soul radiate across the universe and paint the skies with warm colors.

Anger is a blunt knife you aim at yourself.

Fasting without spiritual reflection will only result to hypoglycemia.

Smart people say what they think. Stupid people say whatever the hell they want. I am a woman. I am inherently smart. I say what I feel. And men...

The most dangerous of all battlefields is the human mind. It's where thoughts fire at each other nonstop with no hope of cease-fire.

God is love. Love is the driving force of the universe. The universe is God revealed.

Lord, thank you for giving me patience. Good things come to those who wait. Thanks for being with me through it all and for keeping me strong. I will not give up on my dreams. I will do whatever it takes to make them all come true.

Darating talaga ang panahon na pagtatawanan mo nalang ang mga naging problema mo. Minsan nga, kahit nasasaktan ka, hindi ka pa nakakaiyak e natatawa ka na. As ridiculous as life seems sometimes, there is a reason for every ordeal. Someday, somehow, it will all make sense.

People who don't know what they want end up with a million things they don't need.

Acceptance is not getting rid of unwanted negative feelings. It is being grateful, and hopeful, and trusting of God's love in spite of the pain you're dealing with.

I believe in God. I believe that He occupies every bit of this vastness, this infinity, and beyond. He will not fail me or forsake me because I am a part of Him. My story was etched in time long before I was conceived, every moment planned to perfection, just waiting to happen. Unlike Him, I am finite. But my short existence is nothing but meaningful, with purpose. There is no one like Him and there can only be one me. I am aware of His greatness. I am aware of His power. I am aware of His love. This awareness is what saves me, what pushes me, what gives me the strength and the will I need to move forward until my life, my story, is finished.

Take action in your life rather than let action come to you.

Lies are words with spikes in them. That's why you bleed when lied to, even without knowing it.

A lot of writers wanted to write to change the world. But man, I bet their passion for writing changed them first- big time. That's what's happening right HERE, right NOW, to THIS soul that’s inhabiting my fragile earth body.

Iba-iba talaga ang mga tao. Meron ung walang pakialam. Meron naman ung wagas kung magdamdam.

To fight for love, you don't always need a gun, or a knife, or a stake. Sometimes, fighting for love means just feeding the fire inside with wonderful memories and letting it warm your heart until it burns out... until the urge to fight for it is gone. Because there are more important things. Because you have to choose your battles wisely. Because a love that is worth fighting for needs two people to win.

If I will be given a chance to live again after this lifetime, I hope I bring with me this flair for words. I can be devoid of any other human talent but I cannot imagine not being able to express myself the best way I know how. I am a writer; unknown, but a writer nonetheless.
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