Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Lyrics and melody by: Hencel Lauren

I don’t know what to do
I’m in the middle of it all
The confusion and my faults

I can’t tell You how I feel
I know You already know
Please spare me from the pain

Of having to hear the truth
About my brokenness
From my very mouth
Oh it’s just too much to bear

I’ll just spread my broken wings
Lift up my everything
Be the wind beneath me
As I soar

I need You now
I need You more than ever
Help me pull myself together
Guide me with Your grace
I’m here where it’s dark
And living in fear
Only You can
Get me out of here
*I need You now

I can’t find the words
To explain how Your words
Changed the life that You gave me

But I know better now
Every lesson is a scar
From the wounds of my heart

I used to not care about You
And before today
I thought I’d manage on my own
Coz it’s just life anyway

Now all I have are broken wings
But I know I can fly again
Be the wind that guides me
As I soar

(Repeat Chorus except  *last line)

I need You now
I’ll need You more everyday
I know that I can make it
Because You’re here IN me
Please bless me more
And I’ll give You me
Let me be more than I hope
I could be
I need You now
I need You now

So I’ll spread my broken wings
I surrender everything

I can fly with broken wings
With You I can do anything

I need You now

written for: 
CFC-SFC Salmiya Chapter
Batch 2 CLP 2011


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