This is my pathetic attempt to organize the slew of thoughts in my warped brain:

1.     Scribbles
These are “punches” of mine that are too long to be Facebook Wall Posts. They were written as they came, point-blank, without hesitation.
(Punch- my term for a short sentence that conveys a profound insight in a straightforward manner)

2.     Hency’s Heart
Our feelings and opinions about matters of the utmost importance are better expressed the 
best way we know how. Get to know me more as I open up about topics and issues that I’d
rather write than talk about.

3.     Letters to God
It is not only through praying that I communicate with God. I write Him letters too, with
words that are meant to praise and glorify His name.

4.     Private Messages
These are letters for you. Yes, YOU … for all the world to see.

5.     Facebook Wall Posts
From October 2010 – August 2011, I published compilations of my Facebook Shout Outs
every four months. The blog posts were too long, so I decided to just put out a page of it every two months for my readers’ convenience. Up until recently, when I decided to focus on my other writing projects, I made the decision to go back to posting every four months. I will only be compiling the posts that I’ve written. Quotes and posts by other people that I posted on my wall will not be included in the list. 

6.     Songs and Poetry
I wrote my first poem at the age of 10 and my first song at the age of 23. I reckon that a writer is not a writer if he hasn’t written at least one of each. An aspiring writer such as myself shouldn't stop until I’ve had as many as I need to get me to where I want to be. I won’t.

7.     People Places Things
Every person we meet, every place we go, and every single thing that we have in our lives today becomes a part of who we are and who we’ll be. Posts under this category will be like my album of pictures, memories, and stories to be cherished for all the years to come.

8.     Reviews
Some movies we watch or books we read change the way we think, love, and live. I’ll be writing about those that made me reflect on my own take on things. You may not understand them the way I did, but they just might give you something to think about.

9.     Pages from my Untitled Memoir
At one of the lowest points in my life, writing became my only hope. I had this dream in my heart of who and what I want to be, but I had no idea how and where to start. What I know is that everything big started from something small, and that if I really want to be a writer, I must write my way to get there- one day at a time. I wrote a page a day for several months some years ago, and I’m sharing a few pages from that memoir here in my blog to give you an idea of how that time of my life went, writing- wise… and then some.

10.  Words I Wish I’d Written
There are some things that I think of and want to talk or write about but don’t know how, that other people are able to express boldly, eloquently, and with authority. I would like to honor them by writing about how their words affect me, and how they’ve inspired me to become more courageous and confident in conveying my own messages to the world.

11. Lessons from the Jungle
In a world where only the strong-willed survive, I’ve taken it upon myself to share through my writings how I fought my own battles in the hope of empowering others.

12. FRANKahan 101
Sabi ni Hency eh!


*The posts in this blog were written by me. Writings by other people are given due credit. If you intend to use any part of this blog for whatever reason, I’d greatly appreciate it if you do the same. PLAGIARISM is a writer’s perpetual enemy.

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