I’ve always loved reading. It was through it that I developed my writing skills. A lot of people say I’m good; I take no credit for that. The Lord has planned a wonderful life for each one of us and He’s made mine so beautiful with all its highs and lows. Life’s great when it is. When it’s not, we should look at the upside of every bad situation and take as much as we can from it. God doesn’t talk to us in uncanny ways. We are human and He knows that. He made us. He knows our capabilities and He has established a way of communicating with us that makes it impossible for us to miss a thing: OUR EVERYDAY EXPERIENCES WITH HIM.

I want to take in God’s messages to me and save all of it for the days to come. He brought me into this world for a reason. He helped my parents send me to school. He gave me the best teachers who taught me how to read and write. He gives me access to the finest literary works. His blessings give me immeasurable happiness. He’s got my back in all my battles. He continues to be my aid in decoding life’s mysteries. He gave me this “gift” and I intend to use it, all for His greater glory.

I started blogging last June 2011. I thought it’d be nice to have an archive of the things that I’ve written since I made the decision to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. Also, having a blog will motivate me to continue writing, without stopping, until I get to where I believe God had planned for me to be. When I’m finally there, I could read back all the notes that I composed and see how much I’ve improved as a writer and more importantly, how much I’ve grown as an individual. The changes in my beliefs, in the ways that I adhere to, and in my perception of life in general will be reflected in the words that I have put together. Also, the things that I will never let go of and will always hold dear to my heart will have their special places in my blog, immortalized like songs and photographs.

Whatever I have written and will write of, good or bad, acceptable or not by social standards, enlightening or unedifying, is a message that is meant to be shared without the intentions of imposing my subjective truths. As an aspiring writer, I have only one goal: TO GIVE PEOPLE SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. A blog post of mine can be about the littlest of things or about matters of great importance, but I’m pretty sure it is worth your time. The fun part about being the reader is that you hold the choice between dumping another human’s perspective and using it to the extent that you could to make your life better. The fun part about being the writer is that I am able to give a human being the power to choose which, in itself, is empowering. For reading and writing alone among so many other things, the Lord is praiseworthy.

Like I said, I take no credit for my flair in writing. It was God who gave it to me. It was He who brought me into this world and planned my whole life ahead of me. He is my source of wisdom, my inspiration, my driving force. I write about Him, for Him, with Him. Each day, there is a thought or a moment that is too beautiful to forget or take for granted. I won’t stop taking notes. I won’t stop sharing about His goodness, His magnificence, and His messages through my life experiences.  By writing, I am able to give back to Him all the love He’s given me. My blog is my contribution to the society. Even if in the end my dream is not for me, I will still be grateful. His divine plans for me are way grander than what my human brain could ever come up with. God knows best.

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